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Muslim Advocates’ Statement on Solidarity with the Movement for Justice in Palestine

Genocide is swiftly unfolding before the world’s eyes, as Israel besieges over two million Palestinian civilians in Gaza – a narrow strip of land widely compared to an open air prison. In just over a week, the Israeli military has taken the lives of approximately 3,000 Palestinian civilians – including over 1,000 children and entire families and communities. The Israeli government has urged the mass exodus of Palestinian civilians from northern Gaza, while also attacking putatively safe and humanitarian exit-corridors. The Israeli government has also struck other civilian targets and is depriving the entire civilian population in Gaza essential access to water, food, medical care, and electricity – even while remaining hospitals are overrun with critically ill patients. All of these measures against Palestinian civilians contravene international law and flout the condemnation of the World Health Organization and United Nations.

We mourn the Israeli civilians killed by Hamas, just as we reject the imperialist logic that pretends their deaths justify collective punishment of the entire Palestinian population of Gaza by the Israeli government.  

We at Muslim Advocates believe firmly in the shared humanity of all people. We are committed to helping create a just future shaped by mutual and sustainable well-being that centers the needs and concerns of vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. We therefore share solidarity with the Palestinian people and their allies across the globe demanding an end to Israel’s punitive bombardment and occupation.  

Given our organization’s mission, Muslim Advocates is committed to defending the voices and activism of so many in the United States who share solidarity with the people of Palestine against the unfolding genocide that they are endeavoring to survive.  

The diverse spectrum of Muslim communities in America have a long tradition of activism and solidarity with the cause for justice in Palestine. We recognize, however, that endemic anti-Muslim hatred in America casts righteous political dissent from within our communities as uniquely threatening. Muslim communities have been made to learn through the decades, and were so violently reminded this week, that in times of national crisis our voices – and even our lives – are easily cut down.  

Today, and into the future, Muslim Advocates is committed to uplifting and protecting the brave voices of dissent that decry the profound human loss now unfolding in Palestine and that are helping to chart a path towards dignity, well-being, and liberation for all.