Muslim Advocates Condemns Trump’s Anti-Muslim Tweet

Once Again, Trump Weaponizes Anti-Muslim Hate for Political Gain

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, President Trump broadcast an anti-Muslim image on Twitter. The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera calling on all Americans to condemn this bigotry:

“It is beyond offensive, and frankly very dangerous, for President Trump to use anti-Muslim stereotypes to attack American political leaders. The tweet that the president broadcast to his 70.9 million followers on Twitter is a confused hodgepodge of anti-Muslim tropes commonly used to stereotype and attack Muslims. Unfortunately, it is not the first time he has embraced religious bigotry as a political tool. In 2016, he did the same thing when he tweeted an image attacking Hillary Clinton that contained blatantly anti-Semitic imagery. We have also seen the president tweet a maliciously edited video that misleadingly tied Rep. Ilhan Omar to 9/11. This irresponsible, cynical rhetoric contributes to an environment of bigotry and violence that endangers Americans of all backgrounds. 

By now, it is an inescapable fact that anti-Muslim hatred is a core part of the Trump administration’s agenda. Today’s tweet is more evidence that this hate will be a core message of the Trump campaign in 2020. We cannot let the president’s bigotry go unchecked. I call on members of Congress and all Americans to condemn the use of anti-Muslim hatred and to reaffirm that religious bigotry should have no place in our public discourse.”

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