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Muslim Advocates Responds to Sessions’ Task Force Announcement

The following is a statement from Johnathan Smith, legal director for Muslim Advocates, regarding Attorney Sessions Jeff Sessions’ announcement of the creation of a new “Religious Liberty Task Force”:

“Our country was founded on the belief that no one should suffer discrimination or persecution because of their faith. Yet, from day one, this administration has made a mockery of that bedrock American principle by using religion not as a shield to protect the vulnerable from abuse, but rather as a sword to deny basic rights and dignity to others.

In light of the record of bigotry that has already been amassed by the Trump administration, we have grave concerns about Attorney General Sessions’ newly created ‘religious liberty task force.’  All indications suggest that this is merely just another effort by the federal government to institutionalize discrimination against religious minorities, women, and LGBTQ Americans, so that the hatred of the Trump administration may outlive the presidency.”