Muslim Advocates Condemns Senior Senate Aide’s Hate Blog, Calls for His Immediate Firing

Chief Investigative Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee Exposed for Deeply Bigoted Blogging


Washington, DC – This afternoon, ProPublica reported that Jason Foster, chief investigative counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, once wrote an anonymous blog, using the handle “extremist,” that pushed out anti-Muslim and fear-mongering content.

In hateful posts, presumably emboldened by what he believed to be the protection of his pen name, Foster said that Muhammad was a rapist and child abuser and that Muslims are more violent than non-Muslims, equated homosexuality with incest, and wrote that “some cultures are better than others, no matter what the multicultural fetishists say.”

Farhana Khera, President & Executive Director of Muslim Advocates and former staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee, commented:

“More than ever, the American people are looking to Congress to do its job — passing laws, conducting oversight of federal agencies — free of hate and bigotry.  Jason Foster’s conduct demeans Congress and undermines public trust in this vital democratic institution.  Foster’s bigoted and inflammatory remarks regarding marginalized groups, especially American Muslims, are clear indicators he is not fit to serve to further the best interests of every American.

“His apology is flimsy; there is nothing satirical about hate-spreading anonymously online. This sort of talk causes real injury to the American Muslim community, as it furthers ignorant and pervasive stereotypes, violence and discrimination.

“As an advocate for American Muslims and a former staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee who served when both Republicans and Democrats controlled the Senate, this behavior should not be tolerated.  Chairman Grassley should send a strong message that hate and bigotry has no place on his staff by promptly firing Jason Foster.”

Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization that works on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths.