Muslim Advocates Speaks Out Against Rumored Nomination of Anti-Muslim Official Mike Pompeo

Washington, DC – The following is a reaction from Scott Simpson, public advocacy director for Muslim Advocates, regarding reports that current CIA Director Mike Pompeo is being considered to replace Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State:

“Rumors that Mike Pompeo is being considered for a cabinet position should concern every senator and every American who cares about religious freedom.  

Pompeo has staked out extreme positions against Muslims. He has:  

  • Accused Muslim American leaders of being “potentially complicit” after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack;
  • Sponsored a Capitol Hill legislative briefing from ACT for America, the nation’s largest anti-Muslim hate group;
  • Claimed that Muslims “abhor Christians…and will continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight”; and  
  • Advocated to halt refugee resettlement.

And just last year, he accepted the “highest honor” from the largest anti-Muslim hate group in the country, meaning his bigotry is literally award-winning.

The Secretary of State is in charge of implementing much of the Muslim ban, and having someone so hostile to American Muslims in that role is even more chilling.  

This not a man who can be trusted in the cabinet  and we urge members of the Senate to speak up against his potential nomination.”

Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization that works on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths.