Arab, Muslim and Jewish Groups: “Gorka Must Go”

Photo by Alex Wong / Getty

WASHINGTON — Muslim Advocates, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and the Arab American Institute issued a joint statement following reports that established anti-Muslim bigot and top advisor to the Trump Administration Sebastian Gorka has taken a “lifetime oath” to a Nazi-affiliated group in Hungary. While Gorka did not respond to direct requests by the media since it was first reported in The Forward, he has since reportedly issued a brief denial.

“Sebastian Gorka must go. He is not just an accidental bigot or someone who hides his contempt behind winks and coded language. He has built an entire career on his bigotry.

Gorka wore the medal of this Nazi-affiliated group to an inauguration event, he blamed the Orlando massacre on the LGBT community on ‘political correctness,’ and pals around with the American hate group Act for America.

His presence in the administration is shameful, but not surprising. Other hires like Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller show that this administration is an enabler of anti-Semitism, racism, and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry.

Gorka should have never been hired and has no place in any administration. He should step down immediately.”