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Statement by Muslim Advocates Responding to Donald Trump’s Faith and Ethnicity-based Attacks on Judiciary

Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy organization founded by American Muslim lawyers, released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s latest comments, suggesting that any member of our nation’s judiciary who happens to be of Mexican heritage or a Muslim, would have to recuse him or herself from any cases involving Mr. Trump, are unconscionable. Calling into question a judge’s fairness and impartiality, whether based on ethnicity, as Mr. Trump has suggested in the case of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, or by suggesting a Muslim judge would not be capable of providing a fair hearing based solely on that judge’s faith, both represent a severe and open challenge to the integrity of our nation’s judicial branch.

To put it plainly, America, and certainly our nation’s justice system, would be thrown into chaos and cease to function under Donald Trump’s vision of the judiciary.

Americans of all faiths, races and ethnicities, and of all partisan and legal persuasion, must stand forcefully against Mr. Trump’s unconstitutional and un-American statements.”