Our Staff

Sarah Seniuk

Program Associate

Sarah Seniuk serves as a Program Associate for Muslim Advocates work to counter anti-Muslim bigotry. She works to monitor hate crimes and incidents, hold public officials accountable, and collaborate with allies in our work.

Prior to joining Muslim Advocates, Ms. Seniuk worked with the Arab American Institute as a communications intern researching and writing about social and political issues affecting Arab Americans. She also worked with the Middle East Institute's publications team on the Middle East Journal tracking current events around the Middle East and Central Asia, and reviewing forthcoming publications pertaining to the Middle East and the diaspora. Her academic and professional work has centered on issues of human rights and social justice, and how we might reimagine these systems to better include and protect marginalized peoples. She recently helped conduct an interview for the Oxford University Press Blog concerning the political, social, and religious climates which effect how we understand the persecution of the Rohingya.

Ms. Seniuk completed an interdisciplinary MA degree in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from American University. She also has a BA in Ancient Studies from Eckerd College, with minors in Anthropology and Religious Studies.