No Ban Act Action Center

The Muslim Ban / African Ban harms families, fuels racist and anti-Muslim harassment, and undermines our core principles of religious freedom and equal treatment under the law.

The NO BAN Act will end the Muslim Ban and prevent future discriminatory bans.

Congress must act NOW.


No Ban Act 101

Learn more about the NO BAN Act with this one-page summary. Understand how the bill works and what Congress can do to stop the Muslim Ban / African Ban.

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Tell Congress to Step Up

There are well over a hundred members of Congress co-sponsoring the NO BAN Act, but that's not nearly enough.

Email your member of Congress right now and tell them to co-sponsor.

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Explanation of the bill

Get the specifics of the bill with this section-by-section summary.

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Civil Rights Leaders support the bill

Prominent civil rights leaders have expressed their support of the NO BAN Act, calling on Congress to vigorously defend the rights of American Muslims along with other foundational civil rights issues.

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Corporations support the bill

Over a dozen leading companies have announced their support for the NO BAN Act. The Muslim Ban / African Ban harms their ability to do business across national borders and attract top global talent.

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Other Groups Support the bill

More than 400 civil rights, faith, national security and community groups support the bill because separating families is immoral and religious freedom is meant for ALL.

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Muslim Ban Stories

The Muslim Ban has been denied children their parents and grandparents, and people have missed the births, deaths, weddings, and funerals of loved ones.

Read the stories online or share your own #MuslimBanStories.

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