Know Your Rights | Ramadan Accommodations

With Ramadan upon us, Muslim Advocates has put together templates for you to use when requesting religious accommodations for Ramadan or Eid from your college or school. While we did not include a template for you to request an accommodation for daily prayers or to attend Jumma (Friday) prayer, you can tailor the attachment to such requests. We also provided a best practices list on how to request religious accommodations from your employer.

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Religious accommodation means an agreement between you and the institution that enables you to practice your religious beliefs without unreasonably interfering with the institution’s interests.

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Federal, state, and local laws offer varying levels of protection for the right to practice one’s religion in the workplace and in institutions like schools or prisons. However, the right to religious accommodations is not absolute. It is determined by several factors, including, but not limited to: whether the place of employment or study is a public or private institution, the cost to the institution of accommodating your request, the type of accommodation you are seeking, the number of people seeking accommodations, the nature of your job, and the financial capacity of the institution.

Learn more about your rights to religious accommodation via our info sheets and save them for future reference. 

Accommodation Letters | Templates 

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If you would like to learn more about your rights, including your right to religious accommodation, or are unsure how to proceed if your religious accommodation request is denied, you can talk to our attorneys. Contact us via our intake form detailing your religious accommodation needs or leave us a message at (202) 897-2622 letting us know that you have a question or issue relating to religious accommodations, and one of our attorneys will call you back within 48 hours.