Court Cases

Law v. Zook, et al.

Case Overview

In April 2022, Muslim Advocates represented Mr. Dwayne Law, Jr. while he was incarcerated by the Virginia Department of Corrections (“VDOC”). While Mr. Law was in VDOC custody, he was unjustly prevented from observing his Ramadan fast. The facility refused to accommodate Mr. Law’s requested adjusted meal times, forcing him to feed himself exclusively by purchasing expensive, unnutritious commissary food to eat during non-fast hours. Mr. Law filed a request for an emergency preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (“RLUIPA”). The matter was settled after VDOC officials agreed to accommodate Mr. Law’s fast for the remainder of Ramadan. Mr. Law has since been released from VDOC custody.

Case Details

  • Date filed: April 25, 2022
  • Court: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
  • Co-Counsel: ACLU of Virginia