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Baz v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, et al.

Case Overview

On May 1, 2018, Muslim Advocates, in partnership with the law firms of Holwell, Shuster, & Goldberg LLP and Ellahie & Farooqui LLP, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Khushnood Ali Baz, a prominent Pakistani physician who has twice been prevented from boarding flights to the U.S. Dr. Baz believes that he has been added to the United States No-Fly List, but has been unable to obtain verification from the U.S. government. He has also been refused a fair hearing to contest his inclusion on the list, in violation of his right to due process under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Dr. Baz owns a home in the U.S., has a son who is a U.S. citizen, and has traveled regularly to the U.S. for the past 39 years. All of that changed when he was twice prevented from boarding flights to the U.S. and was informed that his visa had been revoked, along with visas belonging to his wife and daughter.

Despite preventing Dr. Baz and his family from entering the United States, the government refuses to confirm whether Dr. Baz is on the No-Fly List or provide him with any reasoning for his likely inclusion. Over the last few years, multiple reports have shown that the No-Fly List is rife with errors and inaccuracies and lacks quality controls. Despite this, people like Dr. Baz continue to be affected by the government’s inadequate handling of the list. Worst still, those who are not U.S. citizens are left with no means to challenge their status on the list or even to confirm that they are on it.


Date filed: May 1, 2018

Court(s):  United States District Court for the District of Columbia

Co-Counsel: Holwell, Shuster, & Goldberg LLP; Ellahie & Farooqui LLP

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