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Demand Rep. McCarthy hold his caucus accountable for anti-Muslim hate

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s repeated, anti-Muslim attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar are creating an environment of hate and violence that threatens the safety of all American Muslims.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, has the power to stop this hate.

Rep. Boebert told a made-up story about being in a Capitol Hill elevator with Rep. Omar. When a Capitol police officer allegedly approached the elevator, Rep. Boebert claims she told the officer, “Well, she [Rep. Omar] doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine.” 

Rep. Boebert subsequently used a phone call with Rep. Omar not to apologize publicly but to double down on her hate and call Rep. Omar “anti-American” and a “terrorist sympathizer.” Boebert followed the lead of Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene who called Omar an “Islamist terrorist sympathizer” and also recently wielded the “Jihad Squad” slur on Twitter.

Send an email to Rep. McCarthy NOW telling him to censure Boebert and strip her of committee assignments and condemn Rep. Greene!