Muslim Advocates in the News — Spring 2022

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First American Muslim Woman Nominated to Serve as Federal Judge 

Biden nominates Muslim woman to the federal bench, a first in US history as he diversifies the judiciary, USA Today — 19 January 2022

Muslim Advocates, a national civil rights organization, wrote in a July letter to Schumer and New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., that Choudhury has a “stellar reputation” for advancing the rights of minority communities and that her nomination would make much-needed history.

Biden Nominates First Muslim Woman As Federal Judge, Christianity Daily — 9 February 2022

US Muslims react to Biden’s nomination of first Muslim woman to be federal judge, Middle East Eye — 7 February 2022

Bangladeshi-American one step away from becoming first Muslim woman on US federal bench, The Business Standard — 20 January 2022

Biden nominates first US Muslim woman to federal court bench, Al Jazeera — 19 January 2022

Biden nominates first Muslim woman and first Bangladeshi-American to serve as federal judge, Daily Kos — 20 January 2022

Muslim woman to become a federal judge in US, Global Village Space — 20 January 2022

Joe Biden Nominates First Muslim Woman to US Federal Court Bench, MVSLIM — 20 January 2022


Nusrat Jahan Choudhury Nomination Hearing

Hearing begins for first Muslim-American woman nominee for US federal bench, The National — 27 April 2022

Upon her nomination, Muslim Advocates Senior Policy Counsel Sumayyah Waheed urged Congress to give Ms Choudhury and her fellow nominees a fair hearing. “American Muslims in particular have not been treated fairly by the Senate confirmation process and we urge members of both parties to avoid attacks based on one’s faith and to avoid spreading harmful anti-Muslim tropes,” Ms Waheed said in a statement obtained by The National.

Colleyville Synagogue Hostage Crisis 

All Hostages Are Out Alive And Safe At Congregation Beth Israel In Colleyville, Suspect Dead, CBS (DFW) — 12 January 2022

Muslim Advocates condemned the attack and stood in solidarity with the Rabbi and synagogue.

Terrorism by proxy?, Dallas Voice — 21 January 2022

Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Respond to Hostage Taking at Congregation Beth

Israel in Colleyville, Bharat Express News — 16 January 2022

Buffalo Shooting 

Buffalo gunman’s racism appears linked to mainstreaming of white nationalism, Salon — 16 May 2022

“In Christchurch, New Zealand and El Paso, Texas and Poway, California and now again in Buffalo, New York, a gunman motivated by a white nationalist conspiracy theory about invading immigrants shot and killed people of color,” said Sumayyah Waheed, senior policy council for Muslim Advocates, in a statement referencing a series of mass shootings carried out by white supremacists in recent years.

Anti-Muslim Spying on Muslim Organizations 

CAIR National releases new evidence on spies for Investigative Project on Terrorism, Columbus Dispatch — 12 January 2022

CAIR also said it found that IPT was spying on former Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), now the state’s attorney general. Other organizations that were allegedly spied on include: the Muslim Alliance of North America, the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim American Society, the Muslim Legal Fund of America, Muslim Advocates, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Islamic Networks Group, and Zaytuna College, according to CAIR.

80 U.S. Muslim organisations call for federal investigation into anti-Muslim group’s ‘spying’, 5 Pillars — 7 February 2022

Justice Department urged to probe anti-Muslim group’s alleged spying, Middle East Eye — 1 February 2022

For NJ Muslims, new spying scandal comes as no surprise after years of surveillance, — 28 January 2022

Big Tech’s Anti-Muslim Problem

Dignity in a Digital Age review: a congressman takes big tech to task, The Guardian — 30 January 2022

And then there is the single greatest big tech crime against humanity. According to Muslim Advocates, a Washington-based civil rights group, the Buddhist junta in Myanmar used Facebook and WhatsApp to plan the mass murder of Rohingya Muslims. The United Nations found that Facebook played a “determining role” in events that led to the murder of at least 25,000 and the displacement of 700,000.

Anti-Muslim Hate on Twitter 

Jewish, Muslim groups voice concerns over Musk Twitter takeover, Religion News Service — 28 April 2022

‘Musk’s takeover threatens to make Twitter an even more dangerous place for Muslims and other marginalized people — and that includes the very real possibility of allowing Trump back on the platform,’ said Sumayyah Waheed of Muslim Advocates.

More Free Speech or More Misinformation? Reactions Mixed to Twitter Sale, VOA — 25 April 2022

Trump Back on Twitter?

Elon Musk says he’ll reverse Donald Trump Twitter ban, NPR — 10 May 2022

“What Musk proposes to do with the platform would represent a severe backslide in favor of allowing hate and misinformation that would put our communities in even more danger,” said Sumayyah Waheed of the civil rights group Muslim Advocates. The group is a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, which advises the company on its policies and products.

Rights groups warn of ‘real danger’ to Muslims, marginalised if Trump returns to Twitter, The New Arab — 11 May 2022

Elon Musk Says He Would Lift Twitter Ban On Trump, AFP — 10 May 2022

Prisoners’ Religious Liberty 

10th Circuit reinstates group prayer lawsuit of 1993 WTC bomber, Colorado Politics — 9 February 2022

The civil rights organization Muslim Advocates and the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center, a public interest law firm, weighed in to the 10th Circuit on Ajaj’s behalf. Both argued that the Bureau of Prisons should not be able to avoid judicial review of its congregate prayer policies through its allegedly tactical transfers of Ajaj to new facilities.

10th Circuit Revives 1993 World Trade Center Attacker’s Religious Rights Case, Law Week Colorado — 14 February 2022

Prisoner Meals During Ramadan 

US jail settles lawsuit, agrees to serve Muslims Kosher meals during Ramadan, Middle East Eye — 21 April 2022

According to a 2019 study conducted by Muslim Advocates, about nine percent of the US state prison population is Muslim, while in some states that number is as high as 20 percent.

NYPD Spying on Muslims 

NYPD’s top official faces backlash for downplaying Muslim surveillance, Middle East Eye — 22 March 2022

In 2012, Muslim Advocates and other organisations filed a lawsuit against the NYPD on behalf of several individuals and groups who were harmed by surveillance. They won the settlement, which eventually forced the NYPD to pay more than a million dollars to the Muslims “they denied spying on”, Muslim Advocates interim legal director Naomi Tsu said.

“The NYPD filmed, tracked and monitored Muslims in mosques, restaurants and schools with cameras and undercover officers in New York, New Jersey and beyond – all without their knowledge,” Tsu said.

“As part of the court proceedings, a federal appeals court explicitly said that our clients plausibly pled that the NYPD ran ‘a surveillance programme with a facially discriminatory classification’.”

“The NYPD’s attempts to rewrite this proven history of spying on American Muslims is jaw-dropping and a worrying sign that they could do it again.”

Anti-Muslims Spying on Muslims

New York attorney general urges Justice Department to probe anti-Muslim group, Middle East Eye — 4 April 2022

Sumayyah Waheed, policy consultant for the civil rights group Muslim Advocates, told MEE that “for far too long, illegal spying on American Muslims has been accepted and justified by public officials at the highest levels despite the clear harms this has on our communities.”

“The lies and fear peddled by Anti-Muslim zealots have not only found their way into misdirected government policy but also sow mistrust in our communities – not just in New York but nationwide. We need to do everything we can to combat this dangerous, anti-Muslim misinformation campaign.”

Abortion and Religious Pluralism 

Is Abortion Permitted in Judaism?, Snopes — 9 May 2022

Most American Muslim advocates argue against the abortion ban in the United States. An open letter by a coalition of Muslim groups said: By defining life as beginning at conception, this law adopts the religious belief of some Christians who believe that all abortion is immoral.

Supreme Court Justice Jackson 

Interfaith rally supports Ketanji Brown Jackson in front of Supreme Court, Religion News Service — 30 March 2022

While Jackson has generally been private about her faith, speakers in her favor prayed for Senate action and tied their support for her to their religions. Representatives included members of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Catholics for Choice, Muslim Advocates, People for the American Way, National Council of Jewish Women, Washington’s Masjid Muhammad and the National Baptist Convention, USA.

Muslim Girl Recommends Muslims Advocates as the #1 Organization to Support as part of “10 MUSLIM PROJECTS TO GIVE ZAKAT AND SADAQAH TO”

On a mission to “halt bigotry in its tracks,” Muslim Advocates represents the Muslim community in courts and political theaters so that American Muslims are free from discrimination and hatred.