TUESDAY: Court Hearing on Lawsuit Over Phoenix Police Killing of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.

WASHINGTON, DC — On Tuesday, May 4 at 10 AM MST / 1 PM EST, a federal court will decide whether to advance or dismiss a $10 million lawsuit filed by the family of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.—an unarmed, disabled, Black, Muslim killed by Phoenix police during an arrest in 2017. Last year, body camera footage was made public showing Muhaymin pinned by police to the ground yelling, “I can’t breathe” and “Please Allah,” with an officer responding “Allah? He’s not going to help you right now.” Shortly afterwards, Muhaymin would die. Despite global outcry, demands for justice by over 60 national and local organizations and tens of thousands of Americans speaking out, none of the officers involved have been disciplined or charged and all still work for the Phoenix Police Department. 

Tuesday’s hearing will decide whether the Muhaymin family’s civil suit against the city of Phoenix and the officers involved can move forward. 

If you would like to interview the Muhaymin Family or Muslim Advocates about the hearing, please contact [email protected].

If you would like to request telephonic access to the hearing from the court, email a request to [email protected].  

“My brother was brutally and cruelly killed by the Phoenix police because he was a disabled, Black Muslim. And the city of Phoenix not only let it happen, they’re encouraging it to happen again by failing to hold the officers who killed my brother accountable,” said the plaintiff Mussalina Muhaymin, sister of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. “All we want is our day in court and an opportunity to look at the people who killed Muhammad in the eye and ask them why. We’re not willingly choosing to relive the worst day of our lives over and over again for profit or fame. We’re fighting for accountability and to make sure that the city of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department know that they can’t let this happen ever again.”

“The historic guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial show that some measure of justice for the Muhaymin family is possible,” said Muslim Advocates Public Advocacy Director Scott Simpson. “Maricopa County and the city of Phoenix shamefully let the officers who mocked and killed Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. totally off the hook. They are still patrolling the streets of Phoenix, even though they have Muhaymin’s blood on their hands. This civil suit is the Muhaymin family’s first real chance to hold the officers and institutions that failed him accountable.”


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