Muslim Advocates: Biden Administration Fails Muslim Ban Victims

State Department Tells Families Separated by Trump’s Muslim Ban: Start Over and Pay us Again

Washington, DC — On Monday, the U.S. State Department announced that thousands of people denied diversity visas because of the Muslim Ban will not be issued visas at all. Those who applied for other visas but were rejected because of the ban will not receive new visas and must restart the time-consuming and expensive visa application process. The announcement is the result of a 45 day review of certain immigration policies and practices mandated by President Biden’s executive order rescinding the Muslim Ban. The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Legal Director Mary Bauer:

“Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban cruelly separated families and imposed serious psychological, financial and even physical harm on countless individuals. Disappointingly, after a 45 day review, the Biden administration has chosen to do next to nothing to help undo that harm.

For the last four years and even longer, victims of the Muslim Ban have been meticulously navigating the red tape to apply for a visa. This includes pouring over documents, paying significant fees, traveling to attend interviews and getting by on the slim hope that they will get a visa and can resume their lives with their families. To those families whose dreams were crushed by the Muslim Ban over the past four years, the Biden administration has sent a clear message: sorry, start over and pay us again.

In its release, the State Department says that it ‘explored every possible avenue under the law for providing relief to affected individuals.’ While it may be true that they explored every possible avenue, it is clear that they chose not to take the avenues that would provide relief to families who were harmed by the Muslim Ban. The Biden administration is not doing enough to do right by these families and must find some way to bring them meaningful help.”


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