Victory: Biden Immigration Order Follows Warning from Civil Rights Groups

Immigration Executive Order Calls for Review of Easily-Abused Denaturalizations

Washington, DC — Following calls from civil rights groups, President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed an executive order that requires the federal government to review all policies and practices regarding passport revocation and denaturalization—a last-resort process historically used to target war criminals that was weaponized by the Trump administration to strip naturalized Americans of their citizenship. In January, Muslim Advocates and nearly 50 other civil rights organizations sent a letter demanding that the Biden administration dismantle the government’s denaturalization regime. Muslim Advocates also launched a petition asking Americans to demand an end to the denaturalization process. The following is a quote from Muslim Advocates Equal Justice Works Fellow Deborah Choi, who spearheaded the letter:

“This executive order is a promising first step that must signal the beginning of the end of the cruel and easily-abused denaturalization process. When a tool of last resort used to target Nazis and war criminals becomes a routine process used to strip naturalized Americans of their citizenship, something has gone terribly wrong. President Biden inherited a denaturalization regime from Donald Trump that has been weaponized against people of color, and it must be dismantled.”

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