Communities Condemn Bigoted Opposition to Mosque, Muslim School in Hendricks County, Indiana

In Advance of Hearing, Petitioners Call Project “Evil,” “Opposite to My Beliefs”

Hendricks County, IN — Today, community members, religious leaders and civil rights advocates condemned a bigoted, anti-Muslim petition opposing a project in Hendricks County, Indiana that includes a mosque and Muslim school. On Tuesday, January 12, the Hendricks County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to discuss Clermont Village, the proposed development on a former golf course that would include housing and a multi-use community center with a mosque, classrooms, a gymnasium and the relocated AlHussnain Seminary. The petition opposing the development is rife with racist, anti-Muslim comments including:

  • “They would be better off in Dearbornastan Michigan!”
  • “…This is evil. God forbid we have ONE NICE TOWN!”
  • “It is not compatible with my values and my belief”
  • “kill this shit”
  • “No more schools are necessary especially Islamic ones that want sharia law instead of our u.s. constitution to govern our land.”
  • “To me this sounds like a community that has a agenda.”

The hearing will be available via livestream. Interested members of the media should request a link from Tim Dombrosky at the Hendricks County Planning Commission at [email protected],

In response to this bigotry, community members made the following statements:

Shamaas Nyazee, president of the AlHussnain Seminary that will be relocated to Clermont Village:

“These comments hurt, but nonetheless, we love Hendricks County and we know that these comments don’t reflect the true nature of the community. We’ve worked very hard to ensure that Clermont Village is a safe, walkable place that meets the highest standard of any application and we look forward to being a part of this neighborhood. We’re entitled to a process that’s fair and impartial. That’s all we ask for.”

Scott Simpson, public advocacy director for Muslim Advocates, a civil rights group for American Muslims that assisted the Islamic Life Center in Carmel, Indiana overcome similar opposition in 2018:

“Muslim Advocates will be monitoring this process closely. Far too often, bigoted campaigns against Muslims stand in the way of their right to worship. This is a community that simply wants to live, study and worship in Hendricks County free from discrimination and we urge the commission to hold this project to the same standard as any other.”

Rev. Jennifer Evans, associate pastor at Calvary United Methodist Church in Hendricks County and a 30-year resident of the county:

”These comments simply don’t match the spirit of community we embrace here in Hendricks County. We’re a county that is warm and welcoming of people of all religions and backgrounds. That’s why I support the rich diversity, new friendships, and strengthened community offered through this proposal.”

Hiba Alami, Executive Director of the Indiana Muslim Advocacy Network:

“We are deeply dismayed by comments like these. American Muslims are entitled to the same right to worship as anyone else and it’s vital that Hoosiers of all faiths and backgrounds reject this bigotry outright. Hendricks County should be a place where we can all thrive together.” 


Muslim Advocates is a national civil rights organization working in the courts, in the halls of power and in communities to halt bigotry in its tracks. We ensure that American Muslims have a seat at the table with expert representation so that all Americans may live free from hate and discrimination.