Phoenix Police Attempt to Cover Up and Distract from the Killing and Mocking of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.

Washington, DC — Today, Muslim Advocates responded to the Phoenix Police Department’s attempt to sidestep responsibility for the homicide of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. On Thursday, the department responded to newly released body camera footage of an officer mocking Muhaymin’s faith during his death throes by attempting to rewrite the recorded words of the officer. The new footage, which the Phoenix police edited out of its initial release of video, was made public through a civil suit filed by the Muhaymin family and clearly shows an officer responding to Muhaymin’s dying plea of “Please Allah” with “Allah? He’s not going to help you right now.” When responding to the AP, the Phoenix police misleadingly claimed the officer said “Allah? We’re trying to help you right now dude so relax.” The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Public Advocacy Director Scott Simpson:

“There is righteous pain and outrage over the homicide of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. and instead of accepting responsibility, the Phoenix Police Department is again trying to lie and distract their way through it.

Muhaymin was a man with a family who was brutally killed by Phoenix police officers and no one has held them accountable for it. This is the same police department that edited this footage out of the initial release and cleared these officers of wrongdoing even though the Maricopa County medical examiner ruled it a homicide. Today, they’re on the record lying about what’s clearly stated on camera.

The Phoenix police cannot simply rewrite this homicide and cruelty. The Phoenix Police Department has shown that it has no interest in holding the officers who killed Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. accountable and that it is willing to lie about it. It is long past time for Mayor Gallego and County Attorney Adel to step in.”

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