Two Years After SCOTUS Muslim Ban Decision, Muslim Advocates Renews Call for NO BAN Act Vote

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Muslim Advocates renewed the call for the U.S. House of Representatives to hold a vote on and pass the NO BAN Act (H.R. 2486, formerly H.R. 2214), a bill that would immediately end the Trump administration’s Muslim and African Ban and also close loopholes in immigration law to prevent future presidents from enacting similar bans. The call comes exactly two years after the U.S. Supreme Court shamefully upheld the third version of President Trump’s Muslim Ban. Muslim Advocates has led the NO BAN Act Coalition, a coalition of more than 80 community, civic, civil rights and immigrant rights groups in support of the bill. Muslim Advocates also fought the ban in court, including two major lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the ban and the government’s waiver process. The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera:

“Roughly three months ago, after years of community organizing, House Democratic leadership announced a vote on the NO BAN Act, a historic civil rights bill to end the Muslim Ban and prevent future presidents from enacting similar bans. Unfortunately, that vote was scheduled for the same week that COVID-19 started to shut down the nation and was sidelined alongside all congressional work unrelated to the pandemic. 

In the ensuing months, the world has changed but the urgent need to end the Muslim Ban remains the same. Meanwhile, President Trump has continued his campaign of hate against immigrants and communities of color—most recently by issuing an executive order to keep out legal immigrant workers. It should be obvious now that his immigration policies are not about safety or security. They are about banning and deporting people of color.

However, we must not forget that the Muslim Ban is a human crisis and the NO BAN Act is a humane solution. Millions of families have been separated from their loved ones. Sick people have been blocked from getting medical treatment. Scientists, academics, engineers and doctors have been prevented from entering the country and utilizing their gifts for our benefit. 

The NO BAN Act means the world to American Muslims and other communities of color targeted by the Muslim and African bans. I urge House Democratic leadership to do the right thing and use their power to reunite separated families and take a stand against the president’s hateful, white nationalist, anti-immigrant agenda by holding a vote on the NO BAN Act as soon as possible.” 

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