Muslim Advocates Applauds Landmark Supreme Court LGBTQ Workplace Rights Decision

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal law prohibits job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and transgender status. Muslim Advocates previously joined other Muslim groups in an amicus brief in Gerald Lynn Bostock v. Clayton County, represented by the law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP. The following is a statement on the decision issued today from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera:

“This decision is a needed victory for justice and equality. No one should be fired simply because of who they are and now that obvious principle is unequivocally the law of the land. 

We strongly disagree with Justice Alito’s dissent, which tries to use religious communities as a wedge to continue his wrong-headed culture war. As we and other Muslim groups argued in our brief, the law is clear: LGBTQ Americans, which include many LGBTQ Muslims, must be allowed to work free from discrimination. Religious freedom is meant to be a shield to protect marginalized communities from discrimination, not a sword to deny those rights to others. Today’s victory for the rights of LGBTQ Americans is a victory for us all.

We want to thank Gerald Lynn Bostock for taking on this fight. We also want to honor Aimee Stephens and Donald Zarda, who unfortunately did not live to see the fruits of their dedication to freedom and equality. Though they are no longer with us, their names and legacy will live on forever. Now it is up to Congress and the states to act immediately and eradicate anti-LGBTQ discrimination in every part of American life.”

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