Muslim Advocates Condemns Trump’s Anti-Muslim COVID-19 Tweet

Trump Elevates Noted Anti-Muslim Bigot on Eve of Ramadan

WASHINGTON, DC — On Saturday afternoon, President Trump retweeted noted anti-Muslim bigot Paul Sperry, who has repeatedly endorsed dangerous conspiracy theories about American Muslims. The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera:

“It is insulting and frustrating that on the eve of Ramadan, and as all Americans are suffering because of the COVID-19 crisis, our president chooses to use his energy and platform to amplify the hateful words of a bigot. As is often the case, the president is yet again stoking anti-Muslim hate and sowing division at a time when he is failing to do his job.

The president could not be more wrong when he broadcasts the message that American Muslims are not being harmed by the current crisis. We are hurting. We are working in frontline jobs like health care, transportation and food service. We are worried about bills. We are praying for and mourning loved ones. 

Do your job, Mr. President. Tens of thousands of Americans have died so far. America needs ventilators and coronavirus testing, not bigoted anti-Muslim rants.”

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