Muslim Ban Victim to Attend State of the Union

Young Father Separated From Family Joins Rep. Judy Chu at SOTU Days After Trump Expands Muslim Ban

WASHINGTON, DC — Ismail Alghazali, a Yemeni-American citizen separated from his wife and two young children by the Muslim Ban, will be the guest of Rep. Judy Chu at the State of the Union on Tuesday. The event will occur just days after President Trump expanded the ban and in advance of the House of Representatives vote on a bill to end the Muslim Ban, the NO BAN Act. 

Alghazali will be in Washington, DC all day Tuesday for the State of the Union. If you would like to interview him, please contact [email protected]

Alghazali, who lives in New York City, testified at the first and only congressional hearing about the Muslim Ban this past September and is a plaintiff in Emami v. Nielsen, a class action lawsuit challenging the Muslim Ban’s sham waiver process. Because of the Trump Administration’s cruel policy, he has spent years sacrificing his time, money and well-being traveling back and forth to see his family and fighting to bring them home. Thankfully, his story has a happy ending. After testifying, his wife received a waiver and in December, he and his whole family finally came to Brooklyn to start a new life together.

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