Muslim Advocates Urges Supreme Court to Protect LGBTQ Workplace Rights

An Attack on the Rights of LGBTQ Americans is an Attack on the Rights of all Americans

WASHINGTON, DC — The following is a statement issued today from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera urging the Supreme Court to protect the workplace rights of LBGTQ Americans as it hears three cases on Tuesday that could decide whether employers are able to fire workers because of their gender identity or sexual orientation:

“No one should lose their job simply because of who they are and we urge the Supreme Court to avoid any decision that rewrites our anti-discrimination laws to make that legal.

We are proud to stand with Aimee Stephens, Donald Zarda, Gerald Lynn Bostock and the rest of the LGBTQ community as they fight for their constitutional right to equal treatment under the law. LGBTQ Americans, which include LGBTQ Muslims, deserve strong workplace protections that allow them to work to their full potential, free from discrimination. 

Courts around the country have already decided that employers are not allowed to discriminate against workers because of their sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. A Supreme Court decision that guts these essential workplace protections threatens the rights and dignity of LGBTQ Americans and risks eroding protections for all American Muslims and other religious minorities.”

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