NC Gun Shop: Billboard Targeting Congresswomen “Not Coming Down”

Billboard Company Has Left Threatening Sign Up for Days, Possibly Another Week

WASHINGTON, DC — Despite claims that Allison Outdoor Advertising will take down a North Carolina gun shop billboard threatening violence against four congresswomen, the billboard remains and may stay in place for another week. New reporting from the Asheville Citizen-Times suggests that not only is the billboard still up, but “the sign’s not coming down” until August 9, when it is scheduled to be switched out with another advertisement from the same anti-Muslim gun shop. Further, Allison Outdoor has deleted a post from the company pledging to take down the billboard. Muslim Advocates is continuing to encourage supporters to send emails to Allison Outdoor Advertising and Cherokee Guns asking them to take the billboard down immediately.

The following is a statement issued today by Muslim Advocates Public Advocacy Director Scott Simpson:

“Instead of taking needed action, Allison Outdoor Advertising has allowed a billboard inviting people to shoot four members of Congress to remain in place, possibly for another full week. Each day that the billboard stays up is another day that some unhinged person could act on Cherokee Guns’ suggestion to shoot Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib. There have been multiple, credible death threats against these congresswomen and the message of this billboard will only put them in more danger.

This is clearly about public safety, not free speech. Allison must stop playing games and take the billboard down immediately before the worst happens.”

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