Muslim Civil Rights Group: Tom Homan would be a “Disaster for DHS Credibility and Ability to Carry Out its Mission”

The following is a statement from Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, in response to reports that Thomas Homan is being considered to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Earlier this year, Homan received the highest honor from the nation’s largest anti-Muslim hate group:

Simply put: Homan would be a disaster for the Department of Homeland Security’s credibility and ability to carry out its mission.  Homan is the recipient of the highest honor of the largest anti-Muslim hate group in America. By accepting their highest award, Homan has yoked himself to a group that’s rooted in the absurd beliefs that Muslims are incapable of following the Constitution and cannot be practicing United States citizens, and that “radicals” have “infiltrated” the CIA,  the FBI, the Pentagon, and the State Department.

If this is what he believes, he is simply incapable of protecting this country from actual threats.

This award is the pinnacle of Homan’s career of hate, complete with referring to undocumented immigrants as ‘tonks;’ detaining and deporting a high school student moments before prom; and detaining pregnant mothers.

This administration is already overrun by hostile actors – there is no room for Homan. We’ve seen repeated ideologically motivated mass attacks attempted and carried out by non-Muslims, while this administration obsesses over fictional threats of ‘unknown Middle Easterners’ and peaceful asylum seekers.

The President should not nominate him; the Senate should not confirm him.