Muslim Advocates Responds to Trump’s Desperate and Manipulative Bigoted Scare Tactics

The following is a statement from Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates:

On the heels of an attack on Jewish congregants by a killer inspired by Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, Trump is not only unrepentant but apparently intent on sowing further violence in our country.  He and the country have now seen in vivid reality the results of his hateful rhetoric, yet he continues to peddle anti-immigrant hysteria and fear-mongering. With Republican officials sitting idly and silently by his side, they are giving cover to the most heinous political violence our nation has seen in decades.  

In the past week, with mere days until the election, President Trump has:

  • Vilified the Latino community with a propaganda video;
  • Used a visit to honor hate crime victims as a political platform;
  • Ignored the law and Constitution with a threat to illegally overturn the 14th Amendment;
  • Floated sending 15,000 troops to the border to intercept families legally seeking asylum;
  • Began construction of inhumane tent cities;
  • Fear-mongered about immigrants fleeing from their home countries to legally seek asylum; and
  • Touted even more anti-Muslim and anti-Latino rhetoric.

This is politics at its worst. His plan is clear: divide the country to distract from the issues that matter: equal treatment under the law; education; religious freedom; the economy and jobs; and health care. Our country has a clear, proven, and sensible asylum policy. President Trump is not above this or any law.

We call on all Americans to reject this blatant race-baiting and propaganda.