Muslim Advocates Urges No Vote on Kavanaugh: He has “destroyed his own credibility”

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, regarding the upcoming vote on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination:

“Senators are not just voting on a nomination, they’re voting on the integrity of the nation’s highest court. The choice is clear. Every senator should vote no.

As a former Senate Judiciary Committee staffer, I’ve seen the confirmation process in action and functional – used to fully vet, investigate, and question nominees. That is not what happened in this nomination.

I’ve seen nominees under scrutiny who have responded to credible concerns with candor,  honesty, and an interest in clearing their name. That is not how Kavanaugh conducted himself.

Kavanaugh’s belligerence and partisan, political attacks at last week’s hearing demonstrate that he does not have the temperament or impartiality to serve on the Supreme Court. His half-truths, misdirection, and blatantly false statements about his conduct, including while under oath, have destroyed his own credibility.

Kavanaugh’s professional and personal records are also deeply disturbing. The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to our nation’s highest court would lead to another solid vote against civil rights, against equal protection under the law, and against religious freedom for all Americans.”