September 2018: A Planned Attack on a Muslim Convention is Foiled, Mosques are Threatened or Vandalized in TX, FL, and CT

The following is a statement from Madihha Ahussain, special counsel for anti-muslim bigotry at Muslim Advocates, regarding the foiled Texas militia attempt to assault participants at a Islamic convention, as well as several other anti-Muslim threats and attacks throughout September:

This month alone has been deeply disturbing for American Muslims. An Austin mosque was repeatedly vandalized, a suspicious powder was found at a Connecticut mosque, militia groups planned to attack the American Muslim community’s largest national conference, and a Florida man planning a mass shooting at a mosque – who had acquired weapons and an illegal silencer – was convicted.  

Incidents like these must stop. American Muslims should not be afraid to attend conferences or their house of worship.

Since the Trump campaign started, our community has been subjected to more violence, more pain, and more intimidation than ever before. September 2018 is a solemn reminder that things have not gotten better with time.

We must never accept that this violence, these disturbing attacks, and this rhetoric are normal in America. We applaud those who continue to stand with our community in these times and urge all Americans to remember that, regardless of your beliefs, violence and hate are wrong.