Nearly 100,000 Consumers, Faith and Civil Rights Advocates Tell Hyatt: Don’t Host Major Hate Group

A video of today’s event is available here

Washington, DC – Today, Muslim Advocates, Shoulder to Shoulder, MoveOn, CREDO and Emgage Action delivered nearly 100,000 petition signatures and a letter from 34 different faith groups urging Hyatt Hotels not to host notorious hate group ACT for America.

Despite the group’s overlap with violent white supremacists and militia groups, national calls from civil rights groups, several ongoing petitions, clear precedent from other major hotel chains and restaurants, its own stated corporate commitments to human rights and non-discrimination, and the condemnation of one of its most prominent heirs, Hyatt Hotels is hosting and providing discounted rates to the nation’s largest anti-Muslim hate group for an event September 4-5.

“Other global hotel companies are denying hate groups, including Hilton, Wyndham, Airbnb, Accor Hotels, and InterContinental Hotels, yet Hyatt is opening its doors to ACT for America to stay with their guests and staff – and even giving them a discount,” said Scott Simpson, Public Advocacy Director for Muslim Advocates. “Hyatt could take a better path that’s more in line with both its claimed corporate values and the values of the nearly 100,000 consumers speaking up. But until then, it seems that Hyatt is content to be one of last resorts for racists.”

“By hosting ACT for America, Hyatt hotels continue to show that the attacks and hatred experienced by Muslim communities are of no concern to them,” said Iram Ali, Campaign Director at MoveOn. “Tens of thousands of MoveOn members agree that hosting the country’s largest anti-Muslim hate group shouldn’t even be up for debate. Hyatt should immediately cancel ACT for America’s conference – not be complicit in anti-Muslim racism.”

“ACT for America has a long and well-documented track record as a hate group. At a time when white supremacists and anti-Muslim ralliers have gained public attention and stoked fear among minority populations in particular in this country, we are asking Hyatt to consider its moral responsibility to contribute to a society that espouses inclusion and dignity, not hate and fear,” said Catherine Orsborn, Director at Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign.

“Hyatt has a golden opportunity to grab the moral high ground and tell ACT for America there is no room at the inn for its campaigns of hate, racism and anti-Muslim bigotry,” said Reverend Ron Stief, Co-Chair of Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign.  

“Hyatt cannot claim to be a champion for inclusion and diversity while it hosts a conference for a notorious anti-Muslim hate group,” CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess said. “By hosting the Act for America conference at one of its Virginia hotels, Hyatt is actively supporting the organization’s hateful and bigoted anti-Muslim agenda,” Hess continued. “If Hyatt does not take immediate action to cancel its contract with Act for America, everyone will be forced to conclude that the company’s stated commitment to diversity and inclusion is an empty promise.”

According to Emgage Action, “We have to continue holding our elected officials and institutions, such as the Hyatt, accountable for their support of ACT for America. They continue to remain complacent despite the organization’s inflammatory rhetoric. With the deeply concerning rise of hate crimes, not just against Muslims but also our partner minority communities, we are obligated to speak out against those who support these kinds of events. No seat should be given to hate. This culture is not welcome here and if they will not listen to our words, we will make them listen with our pockets and more importantly, our ballots.”