Texas Tribune – In Reversal, Texas Agency Says Ex-FBI Agent Who Called Islam ‘barbaric and evil’ Can’t Train Law Enforcement

On May 16, The Texas Tribune reported that after pressure from advocacy groups, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement reversed their original decision to grant education credits for officers who attended a class led by an anti-Islamic speaker. See below for the highlight and click here to read on The Texas Tribune website.

Juvaria Khan, a staff attorney for Muslim Advocates, said her group applauds the agency’s decision, though she still questioned the accreditation for Guandolo’s previous trainings in Texas (he taught a class in San Angelo in October, as well). “These events have no training value and, in fact, undermine the ability of law enforcement officers to do their jobs effectively,” she said in a statement. “TCOLE’s actions today send an important message to other law enforcement agencies that Guandolo’s seminars are dangerous and should be rejected.”