Year-End Travel Advisory

Know your rights while traveling this winter.

Millions of Americans, including American Muslims, travel during the winter season. But the Muslim ban has created additional confusion and increased problems at U.S. borders and airports, with travelers facing religious-based questioning, seizure of electronics, and prolonged detentions.

Read and Share the Know Your Rights Fact Sheet

Read the fact sheet to prepare for travel during the winter season. The fact sheet provides important information on how to understand your rights regarding:

  • Questioning by airport officials or customs
  • Airport detentions
  • Searches
  • Religious garb

Report Discrimination

Muslim Advocates has a confidential and secure online reporting form.

Regardless of your immigration status, your race or religion cannot be used as a justification for questioning or searches.

If you feel like you, your family member, or someone you know may have been discriminated against, try to obtain the officer’s name, number, and other identifying information, and complete our secure and confidential reporting form here or call us at 202-897-1897.