Muslim Civil Rights Group Blasts White House for Giving Cover to Perpetrators of Mosque Firebombing

Washington, DC – Today, Madihha Ahussain, special counsel for anti-Muslim bigotry at  Muslim Advocates, released the following statement after a senior White House official commented that a recent firebombing of a Minnesota mosque might be a “fake hate crime.”

Muslim Advocates maintains a map of recent hate incidents on its web site:

“The FBI said it is investigating this tragic firebombing as a possible hate crime, the Republican mayor of Bloomington said ‘when there’s an attack on part of our community, it’s an attack on our entire community,’ and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton decried Saturday’s attacks as a ‘criminal act of terrorism.’

And instead of showing an ounce of compassion for Minnesota’s Muslim community, the White House is sloughing off a firebombing on a house of worship.

This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that tacitly condones violence against Muslims and sends a signal to violent extremists that they have a friend in the White House.

Sebastian Gorka, who has taken a lifetime oath to a Nazi-affiliated organization,  has no place in this or any administration.  

The White House must immediately jettison these views and cut ties with bigots like Gorka because the safety of millions of Americans is at stake with every comment like this.”

Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization that works on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths.