Muslim Advocates Responds to Trump’s Empty and Inflammatory Posturing on National Security

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, regarding the latest tweet from President Trump, which evoked the myth that a general used pig’s blood, fat, or skins to defile the bodies of Muslims:

“President Trump’s inflammatory and empty posturing on national security is nothing new. He continues to use fear mongering tactics to energize his base and, in the process, emboldens more anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States. This rhetoric does not make us safer, but it does sow division and hatred against American Muslims.

He gives cover to people who firebomb mosques and white supremacists who kill peaceful protesters, yet he propagates the most disgusting examples of torturing and defiling Muslims at every turn.

America deserves better.”

Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization that works on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths.