Muslim Ban Update Alert – Monday, Feb 20, 10:00 a.m. ET

Status of the Ban: Several courts have blocked the travel restrictions contained in the first Muslim ban executive order.  President Trump announced that he would issue a revised executive order during the week of February 20. Various news sources published stories on Saturday, February 18 describing possible features of a revised ban. Conclusions about what will be included in a final executive order should not be drawn from those reports.

Current Status of Your Rights: None of the travel restrictions from the original executive order are currently in effect.  As a result, refugees and people traveling to and/or from the seven impacted countries are able to do so under regular visa requirements.

What Happens Next: The President announced that a revised executive order will be issued the week of February 20.  At the moment, we do not know the substance of that new executive order. Muslim Advocates will be standing by to issue guidance and analysis once it is released.


Muslim Ban Update alerts are a service of Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy and educational organization dedicated to promoting freedom and justice for all. Alerts inform the public to changes in how the Muslim ban is interpreted by the courts, applied by the government, and how they may impact your rights under the law. The information contained in this alert is provided for educational purposes only and not as part of an attorney-client relationship.  It is not a substitute for expert legal, tax, or other professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances.