Muslim Advocates Statement on National Airport Protests Against Muslim Ban

Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, one of the nation’s leading civil rights organization for American Muslims, issued the following statement on the protests happening at airports across the country:

“The thousands of Americans gathering at airports across the country are demanding that their country stop criminalizing an entire religion. Today, millions of Americans woke up in fear of what the President’s action would mean for their families, friends and colleagues, as people with valid visas and green cards were callously and abruptly turned away at our borders. The executive action signed by President Trump is only one step in what will be a continued assault on religious liberty and on American Muslims.

The nation will not stay silent. America is chanting outside of airports across the country demanding freedom and equality for all, regardless of religion. The administration should listen and¬†immediately release these detainees, who pose no threat to our country.”