Muslim Advocates Denounces President Trump’s Actions to Criminalize Muslims and Immigrants

January 25, 2017
Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera issued the following statement:


Today, with the stroke of a pen, President Trump took steps that erode our values and our democracy.  The President signed an executive order to build a wall along the southern border and reportedly will sign an executive order to ban Muslims from certain countries tomorrow. Disturbingly, the expected executive order also elevates the most bigoted stereotypes of Muslims and Islam perpetuated by anti-Muslim hate groups to the level of official U.S. government policy.

As a nation founded by immigrants fleeing religious persecution, banning anyone based on their faith is wrong and contrary to our country’s most fundamental values. Our government has an important job to protect Americans from those who would do us harm, but it must do so consistent with the Constitution and our nation’s founding values. Muslim Advocates will be using every legal and advocacy tool to challenge unconstitutional and undemocratic policies that violate our nation’s commitment to freedom, equality and justice for all.