Muslim Advocates Statement on Selection of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser

Muslim Advocates is deeply disturbed by the selection of Michael Flynn as national security adviser. His role in the Trump administration signals support for anti-Muslim policies and sentiment that will undermine our nation’s security and exacerbate an already unsafe climate for Muslims and all Americans.

Flynn has referred to Islam as “a cancer” and  has called Islam a “political ideology,” and disputed whether the faith of over 1.6 billion people is a religion.

We are clear that if President-elect Trump wants to bring America together and be a leader for all Americans, he will need to disavow dangerous proposals and ideas that single out and demonize Muslims and other communities. Trump’s selection of Flynn for national security adviser signals that the hateful rhetoric we saw in the campaign will continue as a matter of policy and practice. We recognize the national security adviser shapes both international policy as well as domestic policy toward all our communities.

Muslim Advocates has been deeply concerned about the freedom and safety of American Muslims—and for all communities that were attacked during the election and now post-election. In the past ten days alone, since election night, Muslim Advocates has recorded numerous violent attacks against American Muslims. The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded over 400 cases of hateful harassment and intimidation across the nation in the first week after the election, targeting many groups, including African Americans, Jews, Muslims, members of the LGBTQ community, immigrants and women, and often taking place in our schools.

Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans who reject racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism and division. Muslim Advocates will use every legal tool available to protect our country against unconstitutional and undemocratic actions.