Statement By Muslim Advocates Regarding Arrest of Man Threatening the Islamic Center of Southern California

Muslim Advocates is deeply concerned about threats targeting the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC).  Mark Feigan called the Center and left a hateful voicemail message, and the next day called again to threaten to kill ICSC congregants. He was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats, and law enforcement officials discovered at least nine guns and over 200 pounds of ammunition at his home.

We are extremely troubled by this plot, now the second serious threat against a mosque in recent weeks.  Muslim Advocates urges local and federal law enforcement to take this case seriously and conduct a full and exhaustive investigation.

This has been a challenging time for the American Muslim community. Since November 2015, Muslim Advocates has been tracking the alarming rise in hate violence across the country targeting American Muslims. In the last year, Muslim Advocates has tracked over 140 attacks, including murders, arson, vicious beatings, and vandalism of mosques.