They underestimate us

During this blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims seek to sow peace and understanding. Yet, you may be as troubled as I am by the current state of our nation.

You know, as I do, the value of American Muslims to American society. We are teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, business leaders, athletes, and so much more. We prove by example, every single day, how integral we are to the fabric of our nation.

We are Muslims. We are Americans. We embrace pluralism and democracy. Even in the face of hatred.Donate

Muslim Advocates works daily to ensure that millions like you can pursue the same hope and dreams for your families as your fellow Americans. Whether it is being a voice in the halls of Congress, responding to acts of mass violence, or urging Apple, Coca-Cola, and other companies to withdraw support of political conventions that give a platform to hate and bigotry, we work tirelessly to combat the organized, well-funded agents of bigotry, lies and mistrust.

They have resources far beyond ours. But they underestimate us—and you.

Will you, in these last days of Ramadan, help fund our efforts to combat hatred and its purveyors? Your financial support ensures that Muslim Advocates is able to continue to fight to ensure freedom, justice, and equality for you, your family, and all Americans.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

With faith and conviction,

Jabir Faqir
Senior Development Officer


p.s. We have only $65,000 remaining to meet our fundraising goal for Ramadan. Help us close the gap and meet our goal with a gift today.