Ramadan Greetings

As we start this holy month of Ramadan, I want to thank you for your support of Muslim Advocates. Do you know that people like you have enabled over 1,300 mosques and charities across America to grow and thrive?

Now, as this month of reflection and charity begins, I invite you to join with us in greatly expanding the reach and impact of our efforts. With your support, Muslim Advocates is ready to bring the benefit of our legal services and guidance to every Muslim charity and mosque leader in America.

Today the demand for our legal skills and knowledge is far greater than we can meet solely by face-to-face seminars around the country. In response, Muslim Advocates will soon unveil online learning modules that will expand our reach into the thousands.

We advise on urgent topics like good governance and financial management, what to do when approached by the FBI, mosque safety and security, dealing with hate crimes, and more. No other organization serves the American Muslim charitable sector, offering such specific, timely and truly needed guidance.

At this special time, I ask that you add your support to the many who seek to strengthen our community institutions by making a zakat-eligible gift to Muslim Advocates in any amount that is meaningful to you.

The future of American Muslims is rooted in the strength of our civic institutions. You are adding to this strength, every day, when you support Muslim Advocates.

Thank you. We will put your gift right to work.

Ramadan Mubarak,

Awais Sufi
Chair, Board of Directors