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Muslim Advocates Responds to Donald Trump Statement Redoubling Calls for Mosque Surveillance and Expanding Scrutiny and Suspicion to American-born Children of Immigrants

June 15, 2016

Once again Donald Trump has made a conscious and craven choice to exploit fear in the wake of a tragedy. By redoubling his call to illegally surveil mosques across the United States and now expanding suspicion to American-born children of immigrants, he has reached a troubling new low.

How many generations does Mr. Trump propose going back in order to assign suspicion? Will one generation suffice or does he suggest going back three and four generations? Where does it end?

Mr. Trump’s ignorance of the American Muslim community is breathtaking. American Muslims, who first arrived on slave ships centuries ago, have fought for, died for and built our nation with their blood, sweat and tears.

As courageous leaders questioned Senator Joe McCarthy during the height of the Red Scare, the question needs to be asked, loudly and clearly again today, by each and every American, “have you no shame, Mr. Trump?”

We continue to urge all public officials to reject hate and blanket suspicion and to lead by bringing Americans together, not driving us apart.