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I shared your concerns with the President’s team

From Brenda Abdelall, Charities Program Director

On Tuesday, I was honored to sit down face-to-face with top White House and senior administration officials and deliver a critical message in-person: We need to take action against the dangerous rhetoric in our country and to protect the American Muslim community.

For months, Muslim Advocates has been sounding the alarm about the increasingly dangerous and violent rhetoric in our country, especially in our political discourse. Recent violent events continue to illustrate just how dangerous it is to pit Americans against one another with hateful and violent language.

On behalf of Muslim Advocates and our supporters, I was able to suggest concrete actions the government could take to prevent future violence and also to improve the response to anti-Muslim hate crimes that do take place. Brenda
We have long suggested that the Administration create a centralized site for all federal resources on hate crimes. There should be one place for reporting, prevention and resources on how to talk to our children and families about hate crimes. We were pleased to receive a very positive reception to this idea from the senior administration officials in the room.

Please consider a contribution today to fuel our continued success on behalf of American Muslims and our shared values of freedom and justice for all.

I was also humbled to have the opportunity to share some of what I’ve heard from our supporters across the country. I shared my own personal and emotional experience of raising my children in the current climate of rising anti-Muslim hate. I spoke from the heart of the challenges young American Muslims face in their schools every day, including my own children.

I can tell you this – while there is still a lot to do to ensure the safety of our community and to ensure freedoms for all Americans – our leaders are listening. Leaders are turning to groups like Muslim Advocates to speak to these critical issues.

Part of our job is to ensure that our community has a seat at the table in important public policy discussions and debates in our country. That simply wouldn’t be possible without your support, and for that, we are very grateful.

We truly are #StrongerTogether.