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Statement of Muslim Advocates on Recent Hate Crimes Inspired by Racist, Xenophobic and Anti-Muslim Political Rhetoric

We are disturbed by a new series of violent incidents that have recently taken place in which the alleged perpetrators targeted African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos and Muslim-Americans. In at least one incident, the assailant repeated rhetoric associated with Donald Trump and expressed his support for the candidate as he violently beat his victims.

We have been sounding the alarm for months. It is time for our leaders, regardless of political party, to stand together and say “enough.” It is time for all fair-minded, decent Americans to come together and proclaim “we have had enough.”

When violence is accepted, and encouraged, as we have witnessed, during political rallies and campaign appearances, people will go out and express their views violently.

This needs to end.

These three incidents were reported recently:

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a man allegedly targeted Latino and Asian-American neighbors, killing three at an apartment complex, telling one of the victims, Jesus Manso-Perez “you guys got to go” before shooting the victim in the presence of Jesus’ son. He then went on to shoot and kill Phia and Mai Vue in the same apartment complex.

In Wichita, Kansas, Muslim-American and Latino students were allegedly assaulted by a man who was initially harassing an African-American man. The assailant shouted his support for Donald Trump and yelled “Trump will take our country from you guys!” as he assaulted the students.

In Evanston, Illinois, a non-denominational chapel was vandalized with racist and anti-gay messages as well as a swastika by assailants who also wrote “Trump” inside the chapel.

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