UPDATED: Anti-Muslim Bigotry Rises Alongside Hateful Rhetoric

Anti-Muslim Bigotry Rises Alongside Hateful Rhetoric

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In the wake of the Paris attacks, hate crimes against American Muslims continue to increase at a disturbing rate. Many of you have shared news about incidents of anti-Muslim bigotry and hate across the country. These incidents occur in an “open season” to attack American Muslims, created in part by xenophobic and divisive rhetoric from public officials and other public figures. False claims and inflammatory rhetoric have real-life consequences; this can be seen in the list of anti-Muslim incidents we share below.

Muslim Advocates is working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the American Muslim community. Those who attack American Muslims are attacking the fundamental religious liberties that our country was built upon. We are working to ensure that those who commit crimes against American Muslims or their religious institutions are held accountable. We also continue to urge the White House and other administration officials to reaffirm that no American should be subject to violence or threats of violence because of religion, race, or national origin.

Reporting Hate Crimes in Your State:

If you or someone you know has been harassed, assaulted or threatened with harm, it is crucial that you report such acts and threats of violence to law enforcement. If you have an incident to report, please reach out to Madihha Ahussain at [email protected] and 415-692-4932 or use the hate crime reporting resources below. Muslim Advocates has compiled important resources to assist community members with reporting hate crimes. Please share these resources widely with your networks. Click here to report hate crimes in your state.

Mosque and Institutional Security:

It is also critical to take precautions to keep our community institutions safe and secure. Please take a look at our portal of online resources to keep your community safe. Click here for resources for mosque and institutional security.

Select Anti-Muslim Threats, Shootings and Vandalisms Post-Paris Attacks

Last updated December 11, 2015

11/13/15 San Diego, CA A pregnant Muslim woman is attacked with her child in her stroller by a known suspect. No suspect; still under investigation.
11/14/15 Storrs, CT Muslim student dorm room door vandalized with the words “killed Paris” underneath his name. No suspect; still under investigation.
11/14/15 St. Petersburg, FL Two Islamic centers received voicemail threats to firebomb and shoot Muslims. Suspect identified and charged with “telephonic threat to kill, injure, or intimidate using fire or an explosive.”
11/15/15 Meriden, CT An Islamic center is found riddled with bullets some penetrating through the entire building. Suspect identified; still under investigation.
11/16/15 Orlando, FL An American Muslim family finds bullet holes in their home including one bullet that penetrated the garage and entered a bedroom. No suspect; still under investigation.
11/16/15 Charlotte, NC Uber driver beaten and threatened by passenger who thought he was Muslim. Suspect identified; Uber suspends driver account; no charges yet.
11/16/15 Norman, OK A man calls 911 twice threatening to kill anyone who “looks like a Muslim” is then shot by police. Suspect John Reidel charged with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of planning, attempting or conspiring to perform an act of violence and a misdemeanor count of carrying a firearm while under the influence.
11/16/15 Fort Bend, TX A man posted images on social networks with an assault rifle and ammunition threatening to ‘shoot up a mosque.’ Suspect arrested for “making a terroristic threat.”
11/16/15 Pflugerville, TX Islamic center was vandalized with feces and pages were torn from the Quran. No suspect; still under investigation.
11/16/15 Omaha, NE An Islamic center is vandalized with symbols of Paris. This is the fourth time this mosque has been vandalized this year. No suspect; still under investigation.
11/16/15 Cincinnati, OH Muslim with hijab shouted at and nearly run over; reports of another Muslim woman spat on and another woman assaulted in parking lot. No suspects; still under investigation.
11/18/15 Phoenix, AZ Jon Ritzheimer, self-proclaimed leader of AZ Anti-Islam movement, posts a video threatening the writers at the Islamic Post with his weapon. Incident reported; under investigation, current FBI search for Ritzheimer.
11/19/15 Bronx, NY A sixth grade Muslim schoolgirl is called ISIS, punched, and her headscarf is pulled off at school. Suspects identified; no charges from police; disciplinary hearing set at the school.
11/19/15 San Diego, CA A Muslim student at San Diego State University was pushed by a man who also pulled her by her headscarf while making hate-related comments and threats based on her religion. No suspect; sketch identified; still under investigation.
11/19/15 Corpus Christi, TX A mosque receives hate mail stating, “Convert to Christianity Before It’s Too Late.” No suspect; still under investigation.
11/19/15 Falls Church, VA A mosque finds a fake explosive device on their premises. Suspect identified, Chester Gore; charged with “using a hoax explosive device and entering a property to cause damage based on religious conviction.”
11/20/15 Brooklyn, NY Two Muslim women harassed by a U.S. postal worker who shouted obscenities and followed them into a store. Suspect also threatened to “burn your f*cking temple.” Suspect identified and charged with “acting in a manner injurious to a child, harassment and menacing as a hate crime.”
11/20/15 San Antonio, TX Man enters mosque  shouts profanities and desecrates prayer rugs with shoes. Suspect identified; charged with “criminal trespassing.”
11/24/15 Lubbock, TX Mosque leaders of the Texas Tech student mosque discovered the main glass door had been shattered and light fixtures had been removed from the building. They have reportedly received additional threats since. No arrests or charges; police notified
11/25/15 Hudson County, NJ A police officer is under investigation for posting a hate-filled rant against Muslims. He says, “Sh*t on the mosques, tear them all down” among other profanities. Officer on administrative leave with pay and under investigation; no charges.
11/25/15 Irving, TX Anti-Muslim group publishes names and addresses of American Muslim community members.  The Facebook post claimed to list “Every Muslim and Muslim Sympathizer that stood up for sharia tribunals in Irving, TX.” Page has been taken down. No arrests or charges.
11/26/15 Pittsburgh, PA An American Muslim taxi driver is shot at by a passenger. The passenger at drop off entered his home, and returned with a rifle and began to shoot at the car driving away, with one shot that struck the driver. No arrests or charges.
11/27/15 Lexington, KY The Islamic Center of Lexington receives an email threatening to kill everyone inside.  The threat said, “I’m going to kill everyone I (sic) there you Muslim f**ks. Salabis is coming for you.” Suspect arrested, and charged with “Terroristic Threatening, 3rd degree.”
11/28/15 Phoenix, AZ The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix had its website hacked, with the words, “Vive le France.” No suspects, arrests or charges.
12/2/15 Los Angeles, CA A Quran riddled with bullet holes is found hanging at the doorstep of an Islamic clothing store. No suspects, arrests or charges.
12/3/15 Palm Beach, FL The Islamic Center of Palm Beach was vandalized, with windows smashed in and furniture overturned. Suspect identified and faces “charges of burglary of a dwelling and damaging property at a religious center.”
12/4/15 Manassas, VA A threatening voicemail is left at  the Manassas Mosque from a caller claiming to be from the Jewish Defense League, stating “We are checking if one Jew has been killed in California. You all will be sorry. You all will be killed.” No suspect, arrests, or charges.
12/5/2015 St. Louis, MO A threatening voicemail is left at the Islamic Center of St. Louis saying, “I was a Marine, I killed a lot of Muslims, watched a lot of you die and burn….You want to kill? Come my way. I will cut your **cking head off.” Suspect left address; FBI investigating.
12/5/15 Fredericksburg, VA In advance of a public hearing about a new mosque, anti-Muslim flyers were put around town, with the headline, “No Jihad in Fredericksburg” along with other anti-Muslim sentiments.
12/5/15 New York, NY A man enters the store shouting “Kill Muslims”, then assaults the store owner with punches. Suspect found, and charged, but not with a hate crime.
12/6/15 Twin Falls, ID The Islamic Center of Twin Falls is vandalized with the words “Hunt Camp?” No suspect, arrests or charges.
12/6/15 Los Angeles, CA A Sikh house of worship is vandalized with the words, “ISIS.” No suspect, arrests or charges.
12/6/15 Alameda, CA An enraged woman hurled anti-Muslim slurs and hot coffee at a group of Muslims after she say them praying in a California park. Suspect identified, no arrest made but ongoing investigation including whether hate crime charge would be appropriate.
12/7/15 Jersey City, NJ An Islamic Center in New Jersey, Al Tawheed Islamic Center, receives hate mail and threatening voicemails.  Voicemail states, “Every American that has a Second Amendment right is going to take their (expletive) gun out and blow you away. I just want you to be prepared for that.” No suspect, arrests or charges.
12/7/15 Miami, FL An American Muslim shopkeeper is shot three times as he went to open his grocery store and is critical condition. No suspect, arrests or charges.
12/7/15 Washington, DC Congressman Andre Carson receives death threat in his office. Open investigation into the threat.
12/8/15 Philadelphia, PA A severed pig’s head is found at the doorstep of the Islamic Center of Philadelphia. No suspect, charges or arrests.
12/8/15 Grand Forks, ND A Somali restaurant is set ablaze after earlier being vandalized with Nazi symbols on the exterior along with the words, “Go Home.” No suspect, and unclear if vandalism and arson are connected.
12/9/15 Washington, DC Painting company tells customer who cancelled appointment and appeared to be Muslim, “Death to Muslims.” Reportedly being investigated by police; no arrests or charges.
12/10/15 Washington, DC, Santa Clara, CA The Washington, DC and Santa Clara offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations were evacuated after receiving suspicious substances by mail. No suspect, arrests, or charges but FBI is investigating both incidents.
12/10/15 Plano, TX An American Muslim family has had their windows broken at their home multiple times. No suspect, arrests or charges.
12/11/15 New York, NY A man reaches across the counter at a restaurant and punches an employee while shouting “Muslim mother**cker. Suspect in custody.
12/11/15 Coachella, CA Smoke and fire were seen coming from the Islamic Society of Palm Springs as a result of a “fire-bomb” according to mosque officials. Law enforcement investigating, no description of suspect at this time.

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