New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good and Muslim Advocates Call For Mr. Trump to Clarify Position on American Muslims

Today Mr. Trump has failed to adequately respond to criticism regarding his ugly, anti-Muslim rhetoric on Thursday in which he seemed to suggest that he supported efforts to “get rid” of American Muslims.

American Muslims first came to this nation centuries ago on slave ships, and continue to make up the rich, diverse tapestry that makes our nation great.

We once again call on Mr. Trump to clarify his position regarding American Muslims and whether he believes the country needs to “get rid of” Muslims. The American public deserves an honest answer.

Muslim Advocates and New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good also issued a statement asking for clarification on Trump’s positions after the initial question was asked at the town hall.  Click here to read it.


Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization working on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths. Through high impact lawsuits, policy advocacy, and community education, Muslim Advocates serves as a resource to empower communities and ensures that the American Muslim community is heard by the courts and leaders at the highest level of government. Visit Muslim Advocates at and follow @muslimadvocates.

New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good stands against human degradation and for the human rights of all people especially the rights of the most vulnerable and despised.  We are working for human rights in areas such as torture, Christian-Muslim dialogue, creation care, and drug abuse.  Above all, we exist to advance human well-being as an expression of our love for Jesus Christ.