Civil Rights Advocates Urge Law Enforcement Transparency in the Killing of Usaama Rahim

Questions surround the police killing of African American Muslim Man in Boston

June 5, 2015—A group of African American, faith based and civil rights organizations sent a formal letter to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, FBI Agent Vincent Lisi and Boston Police Department Chief William Gross requesting greater transparency into the case of Usaama Rahim, an African American Muslim man who was shot earlier this week by a police officer and FBI agent outside a CVS parking lot in Boston.  Questions surround why Rahim was under 24-hour surveillance, why law enforcement officials used lethal force against him, and why they have not released video of the shooting to the public.

Organizations that sent the letter included the Boston Chapter of Black Lives Matter, Center for Constitutional Rights, Muslim Advocates and Muslim ARC.  Rahim marks the 479th person to be killed by police this year.

“We are hearing so many different versions of this troubling murder, and the public deserves to know the truth,” said Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates.  “So far, law enforcement hasn’t given sufficient information on why this African American Muslim man was fatally shot as he was headed to work, and why five officers approached him without an arrest warrant, using deadly force.  Unfortunately, our nation is grappling with a crisis of police brutality.  Complete transparency by law enforcement is critical to gaining trust by those who are far too often victims of police surveillance and killings.”

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