Facebook, Twitter and Google Among Leading Internet Companies that Advocate New Cyberhate Best Practices

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Facebook, Twitter and Google Among Leading Internet Companies that Advocate New Cyberhate Best Practices

Civil rights advocacy groups help social media companies come together to address online hate

(September 23, 2014) – Publicly addressing cyberhate policy for the first time, major social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google jointly supported a set of best practices for responding to cyberhate. The guidelines highlight practices that Internet companies should follow to effectively address hate online, as well as actions for the Internet community at large to help report and decrease cyberhate.

The best practices come out of an Anti-Cyberhate Working Group, spearheaded by the Anti-Defamation League, and comprised primarily of Internet companies along with select civil rights organizations, including Muslim Advocates.

“Cyberhate has real-world consequences and these best practices are a building block to combat online hate and bigotry,” said Madihha Ahussain, staff attorney at Muslim Advocates. “Hate crimes against American Muslims and other minorities are rampant, and can be fueled through cyber-bullying, organizing, and hate-speech on social media. The Anti-Cyberhate Working Group focuses on addressing these concerns in order to create an environment where everyone can express their views while also feeling safe online.”

Earlier this year, Muslim Advocates issued a report, Click Here to End Hate, which documents anti-Muslim bigotry online and offers strategies and guidance for Internet users to engage in counterspeech and report offensive material.

To read the full list of Cyberhate Best Practices, click here.

To read the report, Click Here to End Hate, click here.


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