Muslim Advocates Statement on Profiling

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Muslim Advocates Statement on Profiling

“Equal treatment under law is a bedrock principle of our nation.  Muslim Advocates joins members of Congress in calling on the Attorney General to enact comprehensive and meaningful revisions to the Justice Department’s Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  With the Guidance in its current form, millions of Americans find themselves targeted by law enforcement simply because of their national origin or religion.  A proscription on profiling on these bases is long overdue.  Additionally, the Guidance’s profiling exceptions for national security and border integrity must be eliminated.  Without these changes, whole American communities–Hispanic Americans, Sikh Americans, Asian Americans, American Muslims, and many others–are denied the same rights and freedoms as their fellow Americans.  The Attorney General must act to right this wrong.”

– Farhana Khera, Executive Director, Muslim Advocates 




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