Charitable Giving in Ramadan and Beyond

Eid Mubarak!  Over the past month, many in the community turned their attention to spiritual renewal through fasting and helping others through donating to charities.  As the month of Ramadan closes, American Muslims are making their final decisions about charitable organizations to support and causes worthy of zakat or sadaqah funds.  At Muslim Advocates, we want to ensure both donors and charities are aware of tools and guidance at their disposal.  The tips and resources below will help ensure your dollars are safely invested in impactful organizations and help charities use their funds in an effective and transparent manner.

Tips & Resources for Donors this Ramadan

  • Ask charities rigorous questions about their tax-exempt status, the geographic areas in which they operate, and whether their funds are used for their intended purpose.  Click here to view our brief guide on charitable giving for American Muslim donors.
  • For a more detailed guidance on safe and effective charitable giving, click here to review our free webinar: “What Donors Should Know About Safe & Effective Charitable Giving.”

Tips & Resources For Charities this Ramadan

  • Check federal disclosure and recordkeeping rules to ensure donors can get the information they need as well as have their contributions acknowledged appropriately. Click here to review our free webinar: “What Mosques & Nonprofits Should Know About Managing and Distributing Charitable Funds.”
  • Review the steps you can take to build donor confidence through transparency.  Click here to review our guidance on using your organization’s federal Form 990 filing to convey your charity’s credibility and gain support from donors.
  • View our free webinar for nonprofit leaders on managing charitable funds during Ramadan and throughout the year: “Webinar: What Mosques & Nonprofits Should Know About Charitable Recordkeeping and Acknowledging Contributions.”  To download a copy of the presentation slides, click here.

These are some of the many tips and resources available in our Donor Toolkit and Nonprofit & Charity Toolkit, where you’ll find more links, downloads, and recordings to help guide your charitable decisions and strengthen the American Muslim charitable sector.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 692-1486 or at [email protected].


Eid Mubarak!